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Dr. Robyn Zunenshine Memorial Scholarship

Robyn Zunenshine.jpeg

In honor of Dr. Robyn Zunenshine (1970-2018), an OB/GYN, loving wife, and caring mother to her three children, the Robyn Zunenshine Memorial Scholarship is granted to a student who displays focus, determination, and a very strong work ethic. 

Robyn was born and raised in Montreal where she worked diligently in hopes of achieving her lifelong goal of becoming a doctor. Sitting in the front row for every class and making her studies her first priority, Robyn soared from McGill University to the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine in Chicago, completed her residency at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, and persevered to become an exceptional and caring doctor for Signature Healthcare in Brockton. Robyn accomplished anything she set her mind to; nothing ever stood in her way. Her most endearing quality was her willingness to help others, whether they were close friends or even someone she just met. Her heart was always open to share her experiences and knowledge with those in need. 

This scholarship is offered to Sharon High School seniors planning on forwarding their education. The scholarship will be awarded to a resilient student who exemplifies similar qualities and traits of Dr. Robyn Zunenshine and who has worked tirelessly and relentlessly to achieve academic excellence.

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