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Awards and Scholarships


The Lee Flaxer award is given in the spirit of Lee Flaxer, who served as principal of Heights Elementary School for many years.  Lee Flaxer was an outstanding leader who demonstrated that compassion and caring were essential to a positive learning atmosphere.  The recipient of this award should be a person who has had an impact on the lives of children through dedication and personal involvement.

We encourage educators and members of our community to consider nominating an individual whom they believe has made a continuing and significant impact on the lives of children. The award is not limited to teachers, but also to any individual who has made an impact either within the Sharon Public Schools or within the town generally.  

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 recipient Chuck Fazio!

Past recipients include:

  • 2021- Chuck Fazio

  • 2020- Diana Kinney

  • 2019 - Kathy Kaplan

  • 2018 - Alex Mellman

  • 2017 - Elizabeth Murphy

  • 2016 Craig Szczepanski

  • 2015 Jane Levine

  • 2014 Al and Judy Lipsky

  • 2013 Officer Michael Hocking

2022  Lee Flaxer Award



In honor of Dr. Robyn Zunenshine (1970-2018), an OB/GYN, loving wife, and caring mother to her three children, the Robyn Zunenshine Memorial Scholarship is granted to a student who displays focus, determination, and a very strong work ethic. 

This scholarship is offered to Sharon High School seniors planning on forwarding their education. The scholarship will be awarded to a resilient student who exemplifies similar qualities and traits of Dr. Robyn Zunenshine and who has worked tirelessly and relentlessly to achieve academic excellence.


This scholarship is given annually to a SHS Senior in memory of Sandy Shmaryahu, a Founding Member of the Sharon Education Foundation who unfortunately passed away in 2008.  The Scholarship Application and Requirements are made available each year by the Sharon High School Guidance Department. 

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